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Delta Trinsic Pro 9659-AR-DST: Delta’s Restaurant Style Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet Is Stylish and Functional!

Delta Trinsic Pro 9659-AR-DST: Delta’s Restaurant Style Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet Is Stylish and Functional!


It seems as if everybody in the faucet industry has decided to do a restaurant style kitchen faucet. This includes Delta Faucet Company with the introduction of their Trinsic Pro 9659 – AR – DST restaurant style kitchen faucet in Arctic stainless. I took a look at this faucet in a nearby showroom last week and was impressed with the functionality of this faucet so I decided to do a quick faucet review of this Delta model just to put up on the site in case people were wanting to compare it to the Moen restaurant style kitchen faucet I reviewed about a month ago. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of this faucet and you can decide if it may be right for you.


Magnetite docking: this is Delta those integrated magnet that is built-in to the spray wand of the unit. Basically the magnet that is built into the docking station helps doc the handle back after you’re done using the faucet. You’ll even hear a little quick when you have inserted the spray wand back of the dock correctly. I love this feature because so many of the faucets that are pulldown spray style do not come easily back up into the correct position so then they look odd and they don’t function well.

Diamond seal technology: the cartridge that Delta uses to control the flow of water from the faucet is impregnated with ground-up diamonds so that the faucets do not leak and they should perform just like new for the life of the faucet. I have found this to be generally true in most circumstances. There have been a few Delta faucets that I have installed in homes with really really hard water that have had problems with every faucet they’ve installed not just the Delta brand.

Touch clean spray: the spray nozzle on the faucet wand has rubber tips on it that allow you to rub your fingers over the tips and clean off any hard water deposits or build up is on the surface of the spray wand. This is a very nice feature as it keeps the water flow consistent over the lifetime of the faucet.

There is an optional escutcheon that is available for purchase separately which enables you to use your faucet for three hole sinks or for 8 inch installation.

ADA compliant: this faucet complies with the American Disabilities Act and is easy for disabled individuals to use.

This faucet is also available in their Touch20 faucet line. These faucets are made to be used by just touching your hand to the faucet without actually turning the handle. They have a battery system that enables the faucet to be set to the preferred temperature adjustment and then you activate the faucet with just a “touch”. In theory this limits the spread of germs and food borne bacteria because you are not touching the handle with hands that have just touched uncooked food. The directions include how to install this more expensive version as well.

So what do all these features mean? This is basically a high-end Delta faucet that has a fantastic Arctic stainless finish that is scratch resistant, a very nice cartridge that will last a long time and a handy magnetic docking station that enables ease of use. The trim of this faucet is from the Delta Trinsic line of faucets which is a modern looking design. The wand and the spring design enable this faucet to rotate 360° making it easy for you to position the spray wand in almost any location. Another thing I didn’t mention in the features list before is that Delta has really engineered their kitchen faucets to install quite easily compared to older designs. They have built-in water supply lines that they call Innoflex which use Pex pipe to attach to the faucet supplies under your sink. They are already cut to length to fit almost any application and have the compression nuts already installed on the lines, making installing this faucet very easy.

I have installed a few of this model of faucet without the restaurant style docking station spring and I really think this is a quality product. I would definitely recommend anybody looking to get a restaurant style kitchen sink faucet take a look at this one as it is made by one of my favorite faucet companies.

I always have to give a star rating two of product after I review it and I usually compare my impressions of a faucet with those of people that have purchased the faucet on Amazon. In this case the Amazon consumer and I are of the same opinion on the merits of this particular faucet. They give it 4.5 stars and I give it 4.5 stars as well. I will tell you I think the chrome version of this faucet is a better by at $350 then the unit in Arctic stainless color is at $437. Other than that it is really a matter of personal taste, I just don’t like to pay an extra hundred dollars for a fancier finish. Thank you for reading my review of this faucet and I hope you come back and visit my site again, have a great day commission point

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Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

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