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Kohler Georgeson Single Handle Bath Faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze: Bringing Modernized Art Deco to Your Bathroom!

Kohler Georgeson Single Handle Bath Faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze: Bringing Modernized Art Deco to Your Bathroom!


Lately I noticed in general and specifically on Amazon a huge number of cheap single handle faucets come to market and they are all in appearance very nice faucets but once you actually unpackage them and install them they are really quite shoddy. I was looking around for a single handle faucet for a customer and I found a really neat Kohler single handle faucet that I thought was worth doing a review on. The Kohler Georgeson single handle bathroom sink faucet and oil rubbed bronze is affordable at $99 but also is really quite pretty in a retro sort of way. Let’s take a look at a few the features of this faucet and talk about its overall design that you could decide for yourself if it might be right for your bathroom renovation project.

The Georgeson single handle faucet is very reminiscent of an old time will pump and handle and would work well in a transitional bathroom design. It has a little bit of a modern touch to it with almost an Art Deco feel come behind with that farmhouse chic that people are going for today. The other thing that I like about it is that it can be used as a 3 Hole Ctr. set faucet or as a single hole faucet depending on whether or not you use the deck mounted discussion that will cover three holes if you need them to be covered. The other thing that I really like about this faucet is that it’s not too tall and it’s not too short. Some of the single handle faucets that are on the market today are really really tall and look a little bit odd when used with a normal sink. With this faucet the spout is high enough to give you a little distance and room work under the spout but it’s close enough down that it does not look oddly designed.

Kohler Georgeson Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

The other great thing about the Georgeson single handle faucet is that there is a whole line of products designed by Kohler in the same style so you can actually have your whole bathroom match with Roman tub faucets and tub and shower faucets to give you a consistent look and feel in your bathroom. But I think the best part about the Kohler Georgeson single handle faucet is that is only $99 on both Amazon and Home Depot! This is well within most people’s budgets and a prevention from have to go by a cheap Chinese faucet on Amazon for $35, because trust me those faucets are not going to last very long and when you need parts for them the companies will gone out of business or have changed names by then and you will not be able to get parts. Stick with a decent name like Kohler that actually honor their warranties and have readily available parts that most plumbing supply house stores.


– reattached 21 inch supply lines make it very easy for you to look up the faucet to the water supply stops underneath your sink

– Kohler corrosion resistant finish protects against tarnishing

– discussion plate is included but its use is optional

– pop-up assembly, lift rod and supply lines are included

– eco-friendly 1.5 gallon per minute flow rate gives excellent water conservation

– ceramic disc valve cartridge exceeds industry longevity standards for the life of the product

– one or three hole mounting with optional deck plate

– premium metal construction instead of cheap Chinese plastic

– more products in the Georgeson the collection are available to complete your bathroom

I have installed hundreds and hundreds of Kohler products and had very little trouble with any of them and I see no reason why this faucet line would be any different. So as I always do at the end of a product review I like to give a star rating you have an idea of whether or not you might like to purchase this product. I base it on my experience with the product and what people are saying in the customer review section on Amazon. In this case there are only two customer reviews on Amazon so I actually looked at the customer reviews on Home Depot as well. After doing so based on the looks, design, and great reviews on both websites I am going to give Kohler Georgeson single handle bathroom faucet a 4.7 star rating! At the end of the article I will also leave a link that you can paste into your browser which will take you to the website to this page you can get more information re-the reviews and decide whether you might like purchases faucet. I am also going to do a review of the Georgeson tub and shower faucet in oil rubbed bronze so that maybe you might enjoy purchasing all of the products for your bathroom in the same style to complete that perfect look that you have in your mind for your new bathroom. As always thank you so much for reading my reviews and I hope you come back again!

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