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Real faucet reviews is a website dedicated to just that, real faucet reviews by a real licensed plumber. My name is Patrick and I have been involved in the plumbing industry since 1995. Currently I am a licensed plumber in the state of North Carolina where I run a small plumbing company. I have done commercial plumbing, service plumbing, and new house, remodel and renovation plumbing at various times over the course of the last 20 years. During that time I have installed almost every type of faucet that you can conceive of, and in doing so I have learned how to judge the quality and value of any faucet that I come across. The purpose of this website is to help consumers pick out faucets that will meet their needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, while also catering to the consumer's personal sense of style. I also thought it would be profitable for me in that it would be of benefit to my plumbing company since any foray into social media these days can translate into increased sales for the company and it provides an easy way for me to help my clients have a resource in helping them pick out there faucets.
Another benefit to this website is that it will remedy what I believe is a huge ailment on the Internet today, that being the amount of review sites out there whose articles are written not by people who actually have experience in a trade or service, but by paid article writers who have no idea about what they are actually writing. The faucet reviews that she will find on this site are about faucets that I have personally installed or the companies that produce the faucet that I'm very familiar with from my daily plumbing activities. When I rate of faucet it will be based on my personal experience and a combination of the aggregated reviews from other customers that purchased the faucet in question. As my experience give me personal insight into each faucet I will also be able to qualify the reviews from other websites as to whether or not the different reviewers actually provide good information. I wanted to be comprehensive in the faucets that I reviewed so there are many categories on the site. We review tub faucets, shower faucets, kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, shower systems and accessories. The reviews are all written personally by me and I will admit they are done in a very basic format and sometimes the grammar and sentence structure is not what you would expect from a professional writer. That is because I'm a plumber and not a professional writer. The site is not about proving my technical abilities in writing, it is about helping you the customer get the faucet you need at the price that you need with the quality that you deserve! So please enjoy the articles and I wish you the best in choosing the faucet that is right for you and your family.
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Delta Trinsic Pro 9659-AR-DST:...

Delta Trinsic Pro 9659-AR-DST: Delta’s Restaurant Style Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet Is Stylish and Functional!

  It seems as if everybody in the faucet industry has decided to do a restaurant style kitchen faucet. This includes Delta Faucet Company with the introduction of their Trinsic Pro 9659 – AR – DST restaurant style kitchen faucet in Arctic stainless. I took a look at this faucet in a nearby showroom last week and was impressed with the functionality of this faucet so I decided to do a quick faucet review of this Delta model just to put up on the site in case people were wanting to compare it to the Moen restaurant style kitchen faucet I reviewed about a month ago. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of this faucet and you can decide if it may be right for you. Features: Magnetite docking: this is Delta those integrated magnet that is built-in to the spray wand of the unit. Basically the magnet that is built into the docking station helps doc the handle back after you’re done using the faucet. You’ll even hear a little quick when you have inserted the spray wand back of the dock correctly. I love this feature because so many of the faucets that are... Read More

Kohler Georgeson Single Handle...

Kohler Georgeson Single Handle Bath Faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze: Bringing Modernized Art Deco to Your Bathroom!

  Lately I noticed in general and specifically on Amazon a huge number of cheap single handle faucets come to market and they are all in appearance very nice faucets but once you actually unpackage them and install them they are really quite shoddy. I was looking around for a single handle faucet for a customer and I found a really neat Kohler single handle faucet that I thought was worth doing a review on. The Kohler Georgeson single handle bathroom sink faucet and oil rubbed bronze is affordable at $99 but also is really quite pretty in a retro sort of way. Let’s take a look at a few the features of this faucet and talk about its overall design that you could decide for yourself if it might be right for your bathroom renovation project. The Georgeson single handle faucet is very reminiscent of an old time will pump and handle and would work well in a transitional bathroom design. It has a little bit of a modern touch to it with almost an Art Deco feel come behind with that farmhouse chic that people are going for today. The other thing that I like about it is that it... Read More

The Kohler Georgeson Tub and S...

The Kohler Georgeson Tub and Shower Faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze Can Give That Classic Look We All Want In Our Bathrooms!

  I recently reviewed the Kohler Georgeson single handle bathroom faucet in oil rubbed bronze and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Kohler has also made this faucet for your tub and shower as well. I decided to look around online and see if anybody had purchased one of the tub and shower sets and they’ve been selling this for a while on Home so I decided to go ahead with my review. I really love the look of the tub and shower set as well as that of the single handle faucet that I have reviewed previously! As I have installed many Kohler tub and shower faucets over the years I feel pretty confident that even though I have not installed this particular one you will still enjoy this tub and shower set if it is purchased for your bathroom remodel. Stylistically Kohler is calling this trim style Art Deco inspired offering a chic geometric detail providing a classic and eclectic look! What this really means is that it looks like a farmhouse pump but they’ve added some new lines of everything to give it a more modern look and it really is quite... Read More